New Bike Services & Builds

Getting the new bike on the road is exciting. But its also important that its built correctly and safely to avoid accidents and premature wear. 

Our new bike services have been designed to ensure that when you get on that bike for the first time you get to enjoy it trouble free. 

New Bike Collection, Inspection & Delivery Service

Ordering your new bike is usually easy enough. Collecting it isnt always. To save you the hassle of trying to squeeze the new bike into the car without damaging it, MK Cycling can pickup your bike for you and deliver it to your door. Plus to ensure you can get on the bike and start riding trouble free, we’ll give the bike a mechanics eye over to doubly check there are no issues or mistakes from the shop that built the bike. 

  • No need to struggle squeezing the bike into the car

  • No risk of damaging the bike

  • Get a independent pro mechanic to check your bikes right

  • No need to keep returning to the shop- We'll come to you

Step 1 Order your Bike

Order your bike from any shop in our coverage area. Let them build and store the bike ready for collection and let them know MK Cycling will be collecting the bike on your behalf. 

Step 2 Book a Delivery Time

Head onto our website and book your preferred delivery date. Make sure its at least one day after your bike is due to be ready for collection. MK Cycling will then head to the shop and collect the bike for you. Well give the bike a professional mechanics eye over too to make sure there are no issues with the bike. 

Step 3 Take Delivery of your New Bike

We’ll deliver the bike to your door. You’ll be able to ride the bike right away. If you need the delivery to be discreet (for example because the bikes a present) you can let us know when you book and we’ll arrange the best way to make the delivery with you.