Cycle Servicing

Servicing your bike at least once a year is important. Safety being the priority, a service will give the opportunity to give the bike a once over and ensure it is in a safe condition to ride. Then comes functionality. A service ensures that your bike works as it’s supposed to. Bike components deteriorate, wear and weather over time. With a service, your bike will be returned to full working order making it easy to use and fun to ride.

Comprehensive Service

  • Head to Toe safety, damage and wear inspection
  • Inner & outer brake and gear cables replaced as standard
  • Outer cables injected with our secret self cleaning, anti-rust lubricant for extended cable lifespan
  • Hydraulic brakes flushed and bled as standard
  • Headset & bottom bracket bearings checked, adjusted and re-greased as required
  • Gear-set aligned & Fine tuned
  • Brake-set aligned & Fine tuned
  • Brakes de-greased for added stopping power
  • Existing chain dipped in our anti-corrosion and self cleaning lubricant
  • Wheels checked, trued and bearings adjusted as needed
  • Full bike nut & bolt check
  • Replacement components fitted FREE (components themselves are not free)
  • The comprehensive service brings your bike back to the way it should be. When you get on it, it will feel like its brand new again. Everything working as it should be and all of the controls are easy to use. The gears will run smooth and effortlessly change and the brakes will feel strong and reliable.

MOT + Tune-up

  • Head to Toe safety, damage & wear inspection
  • Gearset aligned and fine tuned
  • Brakes aligned and fine tuned
  • Wheels checked and minor adjustments made as required
  • chain lubricated
  • The MOT + tune-up is designed to give your bike the once over to ensure all is in safe working order. Its not the same as a service, but it will ensure that you know the full condition of your bike and its components while tuning up the main components (gears and brakes) to work as well as they should. This service is ideal for a quick once over or check over in between services.

Every Bike Tested Before Returning

Once your service is complete, we'll test run the bike to make sure it performs as it should from the first ride.

Every Bike Gets A 30 Day Warranty

Your covered for 30 days after the completion of the service for any issues just incase. If you get any issues, we'll resolve it for FREE.

Every Bike Safety Checked

Every component, every element, every nut and bolt is checked and checked again to ensure your bike is as safe as possible to ride.

More Than One Bike?

Book more than one bike in at the same time and we’ll give you £10 off servicing/MOT + Tune-up for every bike after the first.