Pram & Stroller Valleting

Strollers, prams and car seats go through grubby times. Mud, juice, food and vomit just to name a few. 

A valet from MK Cycling will not only make things look brand new again, but will also ensure a germ free zone to keep your young one healthy. 

The Process

Every stroller, pram and car seat valeted goes through a carefully designed process. This process ensures that stains are removed effectively, germs are eliminated and everything is looking fresh while also ensuring defecates are not damaged things are ready to use as soon as possible. 

  • Pre-Inspection

    Everything gets checked over to spot any safety issues, damage or particular areas that need attention

  • Stain Removal

    Stains get pre-treated and special attention before being blasted and removed by high temperature steam

  • Chassis De-grease

    The entire chassis is pre-treated with a de-greaser and grime gets scrubbed away

  • Steam Clean

    The entire buggy/seat gets a thorough steam cleaning. The steam is around 140 degrees Celsius and kills 99.9% of germs. It also blasts away stains and grease/grime.

  • Drying

    The chassis and hard parts are blasted with compressed air to drive out any moisture while soft parts get dried with a hot dryer, meaning you can use the buggy/seat right away.

  • Lubricate, Protect & Shine

    The chassis and moving parts are lubricated and given a special Teflon coating that helps to protect it from the elements while giving it a new look shine. It also helps to reduce dirt clinging to the chassis.

  • Final Inspection

    To ensure everything has been done to the high standard, the whole buggy/chair is given a thorough inspection before being handed back to you.


Single Pushchair


Double Pushchair


Child's Car-Seat


Travel System


(up to 2 seats + Chassis & Car-seat attachment)

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