One of the things customers tell MK cycling they love is how we publish all our pricing online and make it crystal clear so they can get a good idea of how much a repair will be.

We also provide up front quotes at all times before any work is undertaken so you never get caught out with surprise bills.

Please do ensure you are fully aware of any minimum call-out or travel surcharges that your booking may be subject to. Click Here to find out more. 


Repairs| Servicing | Spares


Servicing & Tune-up’s


Basic Check & Tune-up
Designed for fairly new bikes or in-between service intervals.
Designed for in-between services, the Basic check & tune-up will give your bike a quick eye over for any issues and tweak the gears and brakes to ensure they are at their most efficient.
Full examination for wear, damage or discrepancy
Gears checked, aligned, indexed and fine-tuned
brakes checked, aligned and fine tuned
Tyres inflated if required
Great for:
Giving the bike a once over
Ensuring your bike is in safe & working order between services
Peace of mind
Regular health checks
Book a Basic check & Tune-up
New Bike Build from Boxed
Ensure a safe and proper set-up for your new bike.
Bought a bike online or bought it from the shop in the box? Our new bike build service will assemble the bike and give it a comprehensive tune-up ensuring it is safe and correctly adjusted. Well even give you 30 days re-adjustment gurantee to let the bike "settle in".
Assembly from the box
Comprehensive inspection to make sure no parts are defective
Comprehensive professional set-up of every component
30 days Guarantee re-adjustment opportunity to allow the bike to settle in.
Accessory fitting just £5 each.
Book a bike for building.



Repairs starting from £25


  • Repair prices are based on an hourly rate of £25. Fitting times for each component on your bike are varied so check the matrix below to see how much it will cost to fit or adjust.
  • MK cycling charges a minimum of 1 hours rate for repair work, (parts charged in addition).
  • You’ll never get un-expected repair bills as we will provide a full quote upfront before undertaking any work.

Scroll down or use the search bar to find prices for fitting, servicing or adjusting any component on your bike.

AccessoryAccessory Fitting£11.00
AccessoryComputer fitting / set-up£22.00
BrakingBrake set (lever, calliper, cable. )£23.00Setup & Alignment:£6.00
BrakingBrake Lever£12.00
BrakingBrake Calliper£12.00
BrakingBrake Cable£7.00
BrakingBrake Blocks/Pads£6.00£6.00
BrakingDisc rotor£6.00
BrakingBrake Fluid£18.00
DrivetrainGearset (derailleurs, chain, cogs, shifters.)£47.00Setup & Alignment:£17.00
DrivetrainBottom bracket£17.00£23.00£6.00
DrivetrainLefthand crank£7.00
DrivetrainPedals (set)£6.00£34.00
DrivetrainJockey Wheels£11.00
DrivetrainHub gear£17.00
DrivetrainGear cable (F or R)£12.00
DrivetrainSTI shifter£33.00
WheelsWheel build£44.00
WheelsSpoke (s)£23.00
WheelsWheel bearings£22.00
WheelsWheel axle£22.00
WheelsInner Tube£6.00
WheelsTubeless Tyre£12.00
SteeringHeadset bearings£17.00
SeatingAuto adjust post£22.00
SuspensionRear Shock£11.00
MiscFull wash£22.00


Spare parts

The Mk Cycling van carries a huge stock of basic spare parts. there are over 1300 spares carried ranging from ball bearings and cables to crank sets and chains. You are welcome to supply your own parts. Please be aware however that if you order your own parts for us to return and fit after an assessment a minimum call out fee (£25) will apply.



Just a head’s up regarding minimum callout prices and travel surcharges

Minimum callout charge:

Each booking takes one hour of workshop time regardless of the type of repair, parts being fitted or bikes deemed too expensive to repair. This means we must charge a minimum of 1 hours workshop time on each booking to cover the costs of providing the service which is £25 + parts if required. This also includes making assessments and quotes for work.

Exceptions to this rule is warranty repairs and return to site bookings to fit parts on order. We will at any opportunity avoid un-necessary callouts for example if we can give you a rough quote over the phone or by email/messenger so you don’t spend un-necessarily. We will also make any adjustments possible within the £25 to ensure you get the most for your money.

Travel Surcharge:

Check out our map which shows you our Travel surcharge areas.

  • Any where within the Green zone is surcharge free.
  • Areas in the Red zone are subject to a £5 travel surcharge.
  • Anywhere outside of the Red zone is subject to a £0.50 per return mile from postcode ME7. (For example 20 miles would be £10)